Here are some sites you HAVE to check out!!!

The Hunger Games - this site is amazing! You can even see if you'd last in The Hunger Games or compete virtually here.

If you like Harry Potter, then you'll love Pottermore. You can travel through the books, buy your own equipment and even have a cat, owl or toad!

Friv has loads of games to play on, and it adds and takes away games according to popularity!

I've only recently started using Wikia but it's now one of my favourite websites. Type up a book or a film or a TV program and there's hundreds to thousands of pages on it.

Like the Olympics? Go here and play the Hurdles game. It was the picture for Google on 7th August 2012 and I love it! Or go here and play the Canoe Slalom game. It was the picture for Google on 9th August 2012 and it's another short but good game!

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  1. Happy to see The Hunger is first! Love that site-forever on it! Oh and may the odds be EVER in your favour Holly


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