Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The One Lovely Blog Award!

I was nominated for this award by the one lovely Marian at her blog here.

To get this award you have to......
  • thank the person who nominated you! 
  • tell 7 things about yourself!
  • nominate 15 other bloggers!
So......thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Marian! This is my 4th award so far, although I am aiming for 7 by September!

The 7 facts about me are:
  1. I love pancakes!
  2. My best friends are Sophie (here) and Britney (here)
  3. I'm finding this really hard!
  4. I am 13, and so is my lucky number!
  5. I think that the last one must count as two!
  6. I have a black and white umbrella!
  7. I don't mind rain, so long as I'm not out in it!
The 15 people I nominate are:

And......ooh I'm done!

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